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Donate now to protect seniors in our community!

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VACA, Inc. is a public benefit program founded to empower seniors and adults with disabilities to realize better personal and social outcomes through our guardianship program. VACA helps incapacitated adults and senior citizens in Southern Indiana by acting as guardian, supported decision-maker and advocate. Many of our clients have no one to give them advice or have family that is unable to help. We can help give peace of mind. VACA serves as court appointed legal guardian to help make decisions for the incapacitated individual regarding quality healthcare, finances and day-to-day living.

This year, we tripled the amount of individuals for which we provide advocacy. Your generosity of spirit and support brightens lives through consistent companionship and advocacy for better health outcomes. It’s a simple fact: people receive better care when others show up for them. People like Julia.

Julia (name has been changed to protect privacy) broke her hip in a fall this Spring, but paranoia from dementia and schizophrenia kept her from believing the doctors who told her she needed hip surgery. Because VACA showed up for Julia as her health care representative, Julia received the necessary surgery. We are happy to report she can walk again.